Great Example of Government Groups Working Together – Montgomery County Needs This Now!

Kingwood is in need of various flood mitigation strategies because of past damage. As you read thru this article, you see the collaboration of several organizations and entities.  There are representatives from the Kingwood Area Super Neighborhood Council, Harris County Commissioner Cagle’s office, Houston Mayor Pro Tem Dave Martin’s office, the County Attorney, the City of Houston,  FEMA and Congressman Dan Crenshaw, all coordinating efforts.

Montgomery County desperately needs this type of intentional focus and planning on our County wide issues.  Do you see this in our area? I think everyone understands that when you gather more talent, more brainpower, more specialists, more people with various access and those willing to do the heavy lifting, a better solution is achieved.  When pride and ego are set aside, and the servant attitude we expect from our various officials shows up, we see that great things can be accomplished.

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